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We expected friends to tell us "hindi na kayo natuto" when we informed them we were embarking on a new initiative. As if our involvement at one time or another with Hiraya Gallery, Black Artists of Asia, Comitte de Festejos, BBA Atelier, and VIVA EXCON was not enough to make us retire after 20 years of organizing. [Make that 40 years between the two of us.]

Yes, we never learned our lesson... or, on the contrary, we did learn something. That one needs not visit a gallery, or acquire a masterpiece to enjoy, or better yet, breathe art. That art can be found and may reside in the most mundane and simplest household item. That art acquired many faces in a global community characterized by trade wars waged by arrogant economies. As global trading facilities the transfer of products from one continental market to another, art assumes other forms and settles in various sites.

Art continues to construct new parameters beyond the conventional and sometimes archaic framework. We live in a time when established worldviews are shifting. In this context, changes in understanding and production of art is inevitable. Either we become a witness to it, or participate in the process. We decided to explore both.


GREEN PAPAYA ART PROJECTS aims to organize and design exhibitions that offer new ways of looking at Philippine and Asian contemporary realities. Within its available two-level space, it hopes to provide an alternative venue for young emerging artists. It is also committed to represent promising artists based in the regions, and shall encourage artistic collaborations and exchanges among artists engaged in alternative media.

Why Green Papaya? A green papaya signifies freshness, not quite ripe, but in a state of becoming. A green papaya is essential to tinolang manok as the chicken itself, and is most essential to atsara.